Sunday Poem by Pascale Petit

Out of a goodly number of great posts, this is the pick of the crop. Stunning.

Kim Moore

Evening all – this will be my last blog post before Christmas Day unless something immensely exciting happens between now and then and I can’t keep it to myself.

I’ve already had one very exciting thing happen to me this week though, so it seems unlikely that anything else will happen.  A couple of months ago, I was invited by Ledbury Poetry Festival to take part in a EU funded project they are running in conjunction with 8 or 9 European Poetry Festivals.  I think it is a kind of exchange program – Ledbury have chosen 5 young/emerging poets to take part.  I had to send poems, biography etc to Ledbury and they pass all this on to the other festivals and there is the possibility that we might get an invitation to read.  I say possibility because it was made clear there was no guarantee – and because of…

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Poem by Pascale Petit

  1. Lovely — I had a bad experience with Pascale and never came round to her poetry. I know that’s wrong.

    I have so enjoyed your outpourings John, but did not know you were unwell. By you are a dear generous soul and a wonderful bright star in my poetry Galaxy; I wish I had your energy and positivity, Love from woeful Wendy in Connecticut.

    Wendy K



  2. We.ll have no woe! If it helps, I should explain I’m not unwell…’s just a four-monthly check up that reqires a bloodtest.Hence the wait at the doctor’s. Which gave me a long enough space to go open-mouthed at the sheer intensity of Fiona Benson’s poetry. Anyway, you’ve won two comps this year, and that Havant poem was a scorcher. Woeful! I’ll have none of it. xxx


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