Guest Post: How I put The Art of Falling together, by Kim Moore

If you think you might be stalled, if you’re feeling sorry for yourself, if you want to be a writer….read this. It’s great.

Anthony Wilson


How I put The Art of Falling together

In May 2012 my first pamphlet If We Could Speak Like Wolves was published by Smith/Doorstop.  Having the pamphlet published felt completely different to having my first full-length collection The Art of Falling published by Seren in April 2015.  For a start, when the pamphlet was published, I didn’t stop writing.  It felt like I was just getting started with working out what I wanted to say.  From what I remember though, I didn’t carry on writing poems with the aim of getting a collection together.  I just kept writing.  When I had what I thought were enough poems, I started to make a list of the themes I was writing about:

The Body




Famous People




I put these words into bubbles and then drew a line to link each poem up with a word, sometimes…

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