Jill Munro #quirkychristmas

Abegail Morley

Blue Tits don’t Eat Boiled Carrots

The off-cuts from Christmas lunch
have been munched and pecked
to purgatory but six bright orange
planets lie in the iced grey dish,
unwanted by tiny half-frozen blue
tipped wingers flying unfettered
round the stuffing crumby bird-table.

I roll into myself, leave
this tit tableau, knowing
these discs will remain until
I bring them in, stay luminous
against the frost, outrageous
in the winter garden, they shine
as bright as the yellow half-moons
of his long cracked nails, piercing my skin,
holding on to what he didn’t say, didn’t do,
before he went, amazed he never told me
what to do about the boiled carrots.

Jill Munro’s poems have been published in Orbis, South Magazine, The New Writer, Prole, Ink Sweat and Tears and Poetry News and she has had three poems long-listed for the National Poetry competition. Her first collection, ‘Man from La…

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