The Red Shed Open Poetry Competition 2016: another reminder

We’ll be having a guest next week. Whatever you do, don’t miss it. In the meantime, dust down your drafts and pick a winner.

The Great Fogginzo's Cobweb

Like I said. It won’t be the last. How can I persuade you? Why not head on over to  Carole Bromley’s excellent post by following this link,

Get enthused, follow her advice and then pick out a winner from your word hoard and send it off to the Red Shed competiton. Make my day. The link to the competition is :

This is what you’ll find when you get there…just so you know you’ve reached the right place.

The Red Shed Open Poetry Competition 2016 entry form

Download this entry form and include it with your competition entry. Alternatively include all necessary information typed on a separate piece of paper and include it with your poems. Stamped addressed envelopes ensure notification of the results.

Sole adjudicator: John Foggin

Closing date: Saturday 30th April, 2016
Prizes: 1st— £100
Wakefield Postcode prize—£25


  •  The competition is open…

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