Featured poet – John Foggin

Really lovely to come home from Spain and find this waiting for me. Thank you, Julie Mellor, for the guest slot on your blog.

Julie Mellor - poet

How lucky I am to be able to introduce John Foggin as my current ‘featured poet’. John has a real work ethic when it comes to poetry, having published a number of excellent pamphlets over the last few years. He also has an amazing capacity to win prestigious competitions. So, it will come as no surprise to learn that a full length collection is in the pipeline for later this year. He also finds time to write a highly informative and entertaining blog, The Great Fogginzo’s Cobweb.
In terms of the information below, John has done all the work, so I can take very little credit for this post! york-poetry-comp-2014-john-fogginJohn Foggin. I grew up in the Heavy Woollen District of the West Riding. Nearly all my relatives were Methodists who worked in the textile trades…my dad was a woollen spinner. Our house was a two-up-and-one-down back-to-back. Respectable, self-improving working…

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