Out of the Weather

A post from Julie Mellor that can only put a spring in the step of everyone who writes poems.

Julie Mellor - poet

It’s been an exciting few weeks, checking the proofs, agonizing over tiny amendments (those mole hills that suddenly become mountains) but I’m happy to say that my new pamphlet, Out of the Weather, is finalized and will be available soon from Smith/Doorstop (more details to follow). In the meantime, I’ve been writing what seems to be turning into a sequence of poems on the mother/daughter relationship. Nothing publishable yet, but it’s early days.
I went to Suzannah Evans’ writing workshop at Weston Park Museum, Sheffield, yesterday. I mention this because more than one poem in my new pamphlet was written in Suzi’s workshops (she ran a series of workshops at the museum last year). She’s a brilliant tutor, as well as an outstanding poet. I know she’s phenomenally busy with the South Yorkshire poetry festival at the moment. In fact, I’m not really sure how she finds time for her…

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