How are you feeling now? Hospital poems (14)

handle with care

They can do wonders in the NHS. No question. But as singers through the ages have told us there are things they can’t do. Leonard Cohen was clear enough:


“..I can’t believe that time is
Gonna heal this wound I’m speaking of
There ain’t no cure, there ain’t no cure, there ain’t no cure for love”


and Robert Palmer offered the prognosis


“… you like to think that you’re immune to the stuff, oh yeah
It’s closer to the truth to say you can’t get enough
You know you’re gonna have to face it, you’re addicted to love”


Which brings us nicely to our penultimate guest poet of this tour of the worlds and wards of the hospital



Endoscopy : Joe Williams


My doctor sent me

to have an endoscopy.


The instruments they used

made me gag and retch,


and in the end they said

they couldn’t find anything wrong with me,


that the burning in my guts

was probably just love,


and there was nothing they could do

about that.



Joe Williams is a writer and performing poet from Leeds. He tells tales of lost love, people in pubs, and how not to dispose of the bodies of family members, with the occasional moment of crushing heartbreak just to keep you on your toes. His debut poetry pamphlet, Killing the Piano, was published by Half Moon Books in September 2017.

ps He is also this year’s poetry slam/open mic champion at Ilkley Literature festival… from last night!


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