One for the Road

You know what I think? I think everyone who writes poems and worries about the chatter that seems to surround ‘poetry’ should print off the last paragraph of Julie Mellor’s new post…..preferably on an A1 sheet….and stick it just above their laptop or PC or Mac or whatever, and read it aloud every morning. It does my heart good.

Julie Mellor - poet

OftR_Cover_copyOne for the Road, ed. Helen Mort & Stuart Maconie (Smith/Doorstop 2017)

I always feel lucky when I have a poem accepted. I saw my good friend (and good poet) John Foggin on Saturday and he reminded me about how surprised I was when I had my first pamphlet published. I was a winner of the Poetry Business pamphlet competition in 2011. The pamphlet, Breathing Through Our Bones, came out about six months later, in 2012. So, you’d think I’d have had enough time to get used to the idea!
In truth, I still have days when I question how and why my work has made it into print. It’s the writer’s equivalent of impostor syndrome, that difficulty in internalizing achievements, of thinking it’s more down to luck and timing, rather than effort and talent. What has this got to do with One for the Road? Well…

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