Questions for Keir – Jewish Labour members need answers

I wouldn’t normally politicise my blog but this seems profoundly important. It’s a question of shared humanity

rebel notes

Dear Keir,

Congratulations on winning the Labour leadership contest. I will confess that I did not vote for you, and also that, because the campaigning period for the contest had been significantly truncated by the Coronavirus emergency in which lives were and are being lost at the most alarming rate because of Government failures, I also proposed through social media that the contest should have been suspended, to be resumed later in the year.

Given that Jeremy Corbyn, as Labour Leader, was playing the central role in holding the government to account on these failures and putting forward alternative proposals for action, I suggested that Labour should have established an interim Emergency Shadow Cabinet Leadership consisting of Jeremy Corbyn and the three leadership candidates, which would last until the pandemic was receding and life was returning to normal, before formally resuming the campaigning period for the Leadership.

That didn’t happen…

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2 thoughts on “Questions for Keir – Jewish Labour members need answers

  1. Thanks so much John for bringing this to our attention. So valuable in its detail and clarity in unpicking the issues within the LP, with relevance to those outside the LP too. Fully in agreement.


    1. Thanks for that MoiraG. I felt a bit iffy about using the blog for politics, but I’m angry about so much stuff xxxxxx

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      Date: Monday, 13 April 2020 at 13:12
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      Subject: [The Great Fogginzo’s Cobweb] Comment: “Questions for Keir – Jewish Labour members need answers”


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