The Cobweb’s been updated !

While I’ve been off the airwaves, I’ve been tinkering about with the unwieldy archive that this website’s turned into since 2014.

Lost images

A lot of the earlier posts have lost some of their images….and I’ve not been able to replace some of them. It’s ridiculously time-consuming and is likely to take much longer than anticipated, so I’ll plod on with it piecemeal, rather than waiting until the whole thing is updated.


Lots of the posts have become time-expired, tired, irrelevant…or maybe were not very interesting in the first place. Quite a few were duplicates. I can’t quite figure out why. Anyway, I’ve gone through as unsentimentally as possible, and deleted 200+ posts. I quite enjoyed that.

Guest poets

It also struck me that I’ve had scores of talented poets as guests on the Cobweb, but there was no quick way of finding out who they were, or when they appeared. It took along time, but I’ve now created an alphabetic index. I can’t understand why I didn’t do this from the very beginning.

My poems

I noticed that, for reasons that escape me, I’d started a page called ‘Poems’ (or My Poems). For the life of me I can’t see why, so I’ve dumped it and replaced it with an ego-trippy page called My Landmark Poems. I chose six that seemed to me to be the most significant, poems that became game-changers.


The design of the cobweb has bothered me for some time. A lot of poetry blogs are really elegantly usable. I’m going to stick with the one I’ve used since I started, but just point out that the door to all the different pages is the menu. So why not pop in and have look round.

Click on the Menu and up pop the pages

…..which will take you to ‘Guest Poets”

……or my Landmark poems…..and so on


With a following wind I hope to be shortly writing new posts and sharing my enthusiasm for guest poets.

Fingers crossed.